Corporate Broking

Corporate brokers for European healthcare companies

We are engaged as corporate brokers by European (and US / Australian) healthcare companies to advise them on access to international institutional investors, on improving their shareholder structure, on their long-term equity capital markets strategy, and the planning of financing options. We provide an independent, objective first point of contact for the Board and Management when takeover approaches are made, or when spin-off opportunities are being considered.  



  • We offer our corporate clients direct and well-established institutional buy-side access
  • We provide access to high-net-worth individuals who are investing in healthcare
  • Our equity sales team has broad geographic coverage, and offers specialist insight into healthcare capital markets
  • We have no conflict from proprietary trading activities, as conducted by larger investment banks
  • We offer truly differentiated sector research from a team of experienced analysts, which is widely followed by investors around the world



  • Research publications distributed to several thousand specialist institutional investors in Europe and North America
  • Non-deal related roadshows with institutional investors, family offices and foundations that have been carefully selected by our experienced team, and brought up to speed on your equity story
  • Our COMPASS healthcare symposia and events can raise the profile of your services. These are strongly differentiated from conventional broker events, with speakers drawn from a range of sources, including prominent decision and governmental policy makers, industry experts and innovators
  • We can work with your board of directors to resolve share-overhangs, improve shareholder structure and increase liquidity 
  • We offer basic corporate finance guidance, and provide a confidential, discreet sounding- board
  • Logistical support and ad-hoc local corporate advice from our international offices
  • Management coaching on investor relations and corporate access questions