Robert “Bob” Preti is the co-founder of Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions ("HCATS", formerly PCT) and the visionary behind its successful growth and development strategy over much of the last two decades. Upon HCATS' acquisition by Hitachi Chemical Co. America, Ltd. (Hitachi Chemical’s consolidated subsidiary) in May 2017, Bob’s role expanded to Chief Executive Officer and President of HCATS, as well as General Manager, Hitachi Chemical Regenerative Medicine Business Sector, responsible for development, management and oversight of the global business operations of Hitachi Chemical’s regenerative medicine business unit.

Bob built HCATS to meet a recognized need for high quality manufacturing and development services in an emerging industry. As the cell therapy field has grown, so too has HCATS - the company has now served over 100 Clients and performed more than 20,000 cell therapy procedures. His leadership has been instrumental in creating the company’s client-focused model that helps bridge the gap between discovery and patient care through efficient transfer of cell-based therapies from laboratory into clinical practice. His vision for the Hitachi Chemical Regenerative Medicine Business Sector includes the development of new technological and engineering innovations that will help streamline and automate many cell processing techniques, leading to faster scale up, appropriate cost of goods, and robust quality for the industry.